A 24-hour service plant offering products with complex configurations using NC lathes and machining for cutting processes.

Company Profile

Company Profile

Trade Name EXT ENGINEER Co., Ltd.
Location 社屋写真

[Headquarters Factory]
66 Nanokaichiba, Tokiwa, Tokiwa-machi, Tamura, Fukushima, Japan 963-4602
Tel +81-247-77-4196
Fax +81-247-77-4197

Lot V Dong Vang, Dinh Tram Industrial Park, Viet Yen district, Bac Giang Province
TEL +84-240-366-1529
FAX +84-240-366-1530

〒106 台北市基隆路2段164號14F-4
TEL +886-2-2732-6393

Site Area Headquarters & Main Plant : 12,500m2
Plant II : 1,200m2
Plant Area Headquarters & Main Plant : 950m2
Plant II : 660m2
Office : 165m2
Capital 10,000,000yens
Employees 118
Business Manufacture and Sales of Precision Equipment and Parts Machining / Cutting
Established 1977
Financing Bank Fukushima Bank, Funehiki Branch
Fukushimaken Shoko Credit Union, Tokiwa Branch
The Toho Bank, Ltd., Funehiki Branch
Principal Vendors Plutus Co., Ltd.
Sumisho Special Steel Corporation
Hayashi Seiko Co., Ltd.
Doiwa Co., Ltd.
Fukushima Kenmazai Shokai, Ltd., etc.
Main Customers Fujifilm Corporation
Fugaku Koki Co., Ltd.
Futamiya Co., Ltd.
Yuken Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Fukushima Neometals Co., Ltd.
Daishin Seisakujo Co., Ltd., etc.


1977 Founded under the trade name “Tokiwa Die Cast,” within the manufacturing and processing industry.
1979 Introduced processing machinery and equipment: lathe, milling machine, and automatic tapping tool.
1986 Set up a new plant, introduced an NC lathe and began precision parts processing.
1987 Tokiwa Die Cast Co., Ltd. was incorporated with 5 million yens.
Introduced an automatic NC lathe and began sales development focusing on precision cutting workpieces.
1994 Introduced more NC lathes and automatic NC lathes totaling 18 units.
1995 Expanded plant facility.
1999 Purchased a plant and land, relocated headquarters and the main plant to 66 Nanokaichiba.
2004 Increase capital to 10 million yens, changed company name and built new offices.
2005 Acquired ISO 9001 certification and expanded plant facility.
2006 Built a new 660 m2 plant on the headquarters’ premises and achieved an annual sales target of 8 hundred million yens.
2008 Plans are made to build a 995 m2 two-storey plant on the headquarters’ premises.
Plans are made to start construction in March and be finished in July.
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