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Personal Information Protection

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
EXT Engineer Co., Ltd. (hereinafter EXT Engineer) shall not disclose any personal information to a third party about the customer without prior consent for any reason other than the express purpose outlined here. In addition, EXT Engineer shall not provide any personal information to another company, etc., about the customer without prior notice.

Customers Using the EXT Engineer Site
When customers use the EXT Engineer site, the customer is asked to provide personal information (Name, email, address, company name, telephone number, etc.) on some of our site pages when submitting an inquiry or when making a documentation request, etc. EXT Engineer only uses the personal information provided by the customer with the express purpose to provide the service being requested by the customer, as a response to the customer inquiry or request. In addition, EXT Engineer agrees to hold under strict control and handle with extreme care any personal information or other data provided by the customer.

Implementation of Security Control Measures
EXT Engineer shall follow the personal information guidelines established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. EXT Engineer shall implement all or part of the organizational, individual, physical and technical security control measures for handling personal information. EXT Engineer shall also create a system to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification and/or leakage of personal information. The system shall also have preparations in place, and be able to preserve any evidence and also be able to trace the cause in the case of an accident or if one of the above listed events should occur. EXT Engineer shall strive, to the best of their ability, to take swift and appropriate steps when processing this information, etc.

Complaints and Other Contacting Parties
If you have any questions, etc. concerning complaints toward EXT Engineer, or about the necessary procedures or charges for disclosure requests, etc., regarding the personal data held by EXT Engineer, or if you have questions about this privacy policy, please send an email with your inquiry as well as the name, address and email address of the inquiring party. EXT Engineer shall only use the personal information of the inquiring party to identify the party or person making the request in order to contact and reply to the said party or person. Note, depending on the question or content, EXT Engineer may hold onto the personal information of the inquiring party or person, in order to confirm their identity, before EXT Engineer replies to their inquiry, and may ask certain questions of the inquiry party or person.

〈Contact Information〉
66 Nanokaichiba, Tokiwa, Tokiwa-machi, Tamura, Fukushima, 963-4602 Japan
EXT Engineer Co., Ltd.

Disclosure of Personal Information
EXT Engineer shall not disclose or transfer to a third party any personal information provided by the customer, unless one of the following applies:
-When the customer has provided consent to disclose or share his or her personal information.
-When a formal inquiry has been issued by a public or government organization (court or police, etc.) in compliance with all relevant laws.
-When there is an urgent need because of danger or risk presented toward a person’s life, body and/or possessions/assets.
-When it is regarded as necessary in order to protect EXT Engineer’s rights, assets and/or services.

Privacy Policy Changes
The privacy policy posted on the EXT Engineer site may be changed without prior notice based on changes that occur in EXT Engineer’s business services. In the said situation, EXT Engineer shall always post the most recent or current privacy policy, so please refer to this page when using the site for the current or most recent version.

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