A 24-hour service plant offering products with complex configurations using NC lathes and machining for cutting processes.

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Business Discription

We answer with reliability, creativity and enthusiasm!

[Our Service Features]
Our company offers a 24 hour service plant that manufactures metal parts operating all day and night 360 days a year.
We offer a wide variety of support for our customer’s needs, including mass production, and with a focus on processing for small lot orders, high precision parts and even short lead times.
Right now, we are not only redesigning our homepage, but we also have uploaded an online product catalogue that provides information about our main products line up. Please feel free to take advantage of these resources.

[Business Description]
Automotive and heavy construction parts, optical components, semiconductor fabrication system related parts, FA parts, power components and aircraft parts, etc.

[NC Lathe Processing]
We provide full operation support with more than 70 lathe units altogether.
From our experience in producing prototypes for mass production, we can support various configurations with our know-how.

[Machining Processing]
We offer processing solutions, for processes that cannot be supported with lathes alone, using machining equipment with a focus on 5 axis vertical machining centers. We even specialize in complex products that require multi-task processing.

[Multi-task Processing]
Our NC multi-tasking lathes and machining centers, etc., in combination with other processing stages offer support for complex configurations.

Equipment Information
Quality Management System

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