A 24-hour service plant offering products with complex configurations using NC lathes and machining for cutting processes.

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Message from the President

Since our founding in 1977, for over 30 years we have always strived to make products that will satisfy our customers.
In April 2004, the second plant was completed and in July of this year, the third plant will be completed.
Recently, our customer needs have become increasingly diversified, and requests for smaller lots and shorter lead times are growing day by day. In order to meet these needs, we have set up a “24-hour, 360-day service operation plant” and we offer high quality products available in small lots and with a short lead time. Going forward, we intend to continue to strive so that our customers will be satisfied by actively delivering prototypes or a single piece of the parts processing.
At present, we are not only renewing our homepage, but we have also made available a product catalogue that gives a sample line up of what we are currently producing. We hope that you find this useful and that you will be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

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President: Hyogo Watanabe

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