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Business Discription

Quality Policy

We have set up a unique “Quality Management System” to support our QCD to help meet customer requirements. In addition, in order to meet our customer requests, we have been able to reduce the lead times in the work flow, from the quotation stage to ordering, processing and up until delivery. We also strive to be a “target-oriented company” achieving low costs, short lead times and high-quality products.

Management Policy

Creating a secure future through high reliability and high level engineering.

Quality Policy Statement

EXT Engineer has established a quality management system for which we shall strive to implement, maintain and make continuous improvements toward its efficiency. We have laid down a quality policy, which is based on our “Management Policy,” in order to guarantee our product quality so it complies with relevant laws, regulations and customer contractual requirements, etc.

Quality Policy

We shall use cutting-edge technology, create and provide products that support current needs to satisfy our customers while make positive contributions to society.

Quality Slogan

We will make products taking into account our customers’ perspective.

  • We set a quality target and show this departmental target to the department manager with our “Quality Target Form.”
  • We confirm the progress toward our quality target and when necessary make adjustments to meet our goal.
  • We review the appropriateness and relevance of our quality policy and quality target twice a year in our “QMS review meeting.”
  • We post our quality policy and, in order to keep everyone well-informed, we distribute individual cards with the policy written on them to all employees.


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