A 24-hour service plant offering products with complex configurations using NC lathes and machining for cutting processes.

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24 Hour Service Plant

Service Description

Product ImageWe have a 24-hour service plant available that operates 360 days a year for small lot, short lead time and urgent order requests.
Our plant specializes in small lot orders to meet the recent trend of more diversified requests.

Procedure Flow from Quotation Request to Delivery
1.Inquiry After, receiving the inquiry, we will confirm the contents of your requests by contacting you directly.
2.Quotation Request Documentation (drawings, specifications, order volume and delivery schedule, etc.) for the quotation is received from the customer via fax or email.
3.Quotation We generally provide a quotation within the same day the quotation request (from Step 2) is received. However, if the quotation request is received in the afternoon, we will reply with our quotation the following day.
When replying with our quotation, we will also include the lead time.
4.Order Received Once we receive customer approval for the specified price, lead time, volume and specification, the order becomes contractual.

5.Manufacturing Manufacturing is performed from the production planning stage until the product is completed, based on the QC process chart from our quality manual.
6.Product Inspection We perform an initial workpiece inspection, an in-process inspection and a final product inspection.
7.Shipment and Delivery We package the product and ship it based on the customer’s packaging specifications.

Order Method

Please enter the information related to your request in the 24-hour service plant inquiry form.

24-Hour Service Plant Inquiry

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